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Born in the USA on 4th of July, 2007

I am writing this to celebrate the birth of DigitFan on 4th of July, 2007. After about 3 long weekends of labor, I finally kicked-off this web site, at least for family and a few friends to try it out. DigitFan is now in invitation-only mode because of two reasons:

  • It is only in the private testing stage, there are still bugs to be ironed out.
  • Bandwidth is a major concern. For now, the pipe that connects to the server isn’t that fat, so it might be slow if you start uploading huge files.

We will see how this web site lives up to its promises!

Oh, and last but not the least, Mom will be celebrating her 80s birthday in August, 2007 and that was the only original reason why I started DigitFan – to collect family memories captured in digital form (photos, videos and anything you can upload as files or described in HTML), and share within the circle (the family members are spanning across Taiwan, China and America). And, the guy who is working on producing a DVD title will be able to pick up all original media files uploaded by all members from my private circle on DigitFan.